Reach out for Dedicated and Specialized Regents Prep Online at iTutor

The educational system has got elaborate and now finds more numbers of standards for the purpose of certification and performance measuring. These standards are in addition to the existing traditional exams that are conducted by the academic institutions to gauge the performance and learning of the students.

Most of such examinations and certifications have been developed to accord privilege status to the student which in turn allows them to gain admissions to foreign universities or such other competitive advantages. The example of AP Tests of College Board or the Regents Tests can be counted in this segment. National level scholarship eligibility exams are also attempted by the students who want to gain specific advantage through their demonstrated abilities in academics/subjects. The problem with these peripheral yet significant exams is that there is no mechanism of assistance available for the students through the traditional education infrastructure! However, lately, we find the development of online web portals that offer Regents Prep Online or AP Test Prep online and others.

Specialty Online Tutoring for Regents Examinations

Regents Tutoring ay iTutor is available on different subjects like earth science, physics, chemistry, living environment, comprehensive English, geometry and many more subjects of interest for the students. Regents’ examinations have been developed as academic standards that offer special distinction on the students passing the same. Such distinction also allows these students to compete for admission in US colleges and universities and also seek scholarships under the state funding programs in the US. Such advantage explains the rallying after Regents Prep programs where the students are guided in the best conducts so as to crack the tough assessment. Dedicated online tutoring portals like iTutor also offer specialized assistance and coaching in Regents Prep World History, US History & Government, and other rarer disciplines.


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