English tutoring jobs are one of the most attractive profession today in the world of online tutoring. Though there are many professional tutors for other subjects such as science, history, and algebra. English tutor jobs are not attracting many professional teachers. The reason is due to the scarcity of English teachers who can take classes professionally online. This is creating a lot of opportunity for teachers who are specialized in English to take this opportunity.

English Tutor Jobs pay scale and working model

An English tutoring online experts can earn the same as the other tutor teachers who takes other courses of subjects. There is always a myth that English tutoring pays low. But that’s not the reality. In fact, in some cases, Bilingual Instruction Tutor can earn more than a regular subject teacher.

Further, the teaching model for English online courses is very simple when compared to other courses. Just an advance degree in English teaching skills or a regular degree from a known institution is sufficient to become an English tutor.

Types of job offered for English tutoring online experts

The kind of engagement which the tutor wants to have with the company or tutoring site depends on the courses. But in general, an English tutoring jobs comes with the following 2 types of job offers –

Contract Job- under this an English tutor as to sign a fixed contract with the tutor site. In this type, the payment is fixed for the term of the contract.

Part time job – Under this, a tutor can work on their fixed time and can attend a course depending on their availability. The payment for the course is based on the number of courses taken and the time period engaged.

In addition, other types of the job such as internship, temporary, commission based English tutoring are also available.


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