Online Regents Prep features and services

The most important part of any exam is understanding the content and the structure in which the exam is laid out. A regent’s preparation through an online tutor class will guide students on the regent’s exam with the specific focus on basics and structure. By being prepared a regent’s exam can be taken positively and students can fly out with greater scores. In addition to supporting from tutors regent’s prep has become very easy today with lots of services and features.

Features and services available for students in online regents prep tutoring

The following are the high-end services and features available for students once they subscribe for an Online Regents Prep course.

  • Opportunity to create your own personalized question paper and test practice models. This helps students in understanding and strengthening their weak areas.
  • 100,000 and more question papers and test sheets from the past Regents Exam and Regent Prep for reference. This helps students in understanding and analysing the pattern of questions asked in regent’s exam.
  • With just one engagement or login with Regents Prep tutoring class you’re entitled to access all the resources in the data bank and library of the website.
  • On time and anytime feedback and learning opportunity.
  • A detailed review of a course and areas of focus based on analysis given to an individual person for improving the skills for the exam.

Types of courses offered in Regents Preparation

Like the other tutoring classes, Regents Preparation course can be customized to meet the end use of the client. The content can be customized and the test sheets for mock exams can also be aligned to a user strength and weakness. The various courses of subjects covered under AP preparation are English, History, Maths, Earth Science, Global History, Geography, Satisfices, Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety and much more.


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